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IDS 400 - Diversity

Course guide for students in IDS 400 to support the course concepts and research needs, including lenses identified, research basics, and diversity.


If you were researching Mae Jemison and the Endeavour through the Humanities lens, you would think about how this topic relates to or has impacted human action or work. Consider the following questions that are reflective of humanities centric thought:

  • What role models or heroes did Jemison’s achievement reflect in terms of explorers, writers, leaders, and others who came before her?  Who and what inspired her ambitions?
  • How has Jemison's legacy found expression in art, music, literature, entertainment and other humanistic fields in the time since her achievement?

Suggested Databases

The list of databases below are some options that you can look through for topics related to Jemison and the humanities. Before searching, let's strategize on constructing a few example searches.

Keywords and search strings might include:

  • Mae Jemison AND exploration
  • space exploration AND women AND art
  • pioneers AND achievement AND legacy