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IDS 400 - Diversity

Course guide for students in IDS 400 to support the course concepts and research needs, including lenses identified, research basics, and diversity.

What is Diversity?

According to Thompson & Cusseo (2014) article, the "word diversity derives from the Latin root diversus, meaning various. Thus, human diversity refers to the variety of differences that exist among people who comprise humanity" (para. 1). Diversity can be seen in human external features, origins, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations (Thompson & Cusso, 2014). 

The video below gives a great overview of what diversity is and specifically why it is important in the workplace. Watch the Diversity Made Simple video This link opens in a new window to jump start your learning. Use the linked title in the last sentence, or click on the image below where you will be prompted to use your SNHU email and password to sign in and watch the video.


image of the title page of the video, Diversity Made Simple



Thompson, A., & Cusseo, J. (2014). Introduction: Diversity. In S. Thompson (Ed.), Encyclopedia of diversity and social justice. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.