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IDS 400 - Diversity

Course guide for students in IDS 400 to support the course concepts and research needs, including lenses identified, research basics, and diversity.

Topic Examples

There are some types of topics that may not be appropriate for the work in this course. Review the following examples of topics to better understand the topic selection process.

Topic 1: The voices of Black musicians on country music radio

Good choice or poor choice? This topic would be a good fit for this course because examining the origins of country music and its related instruments would allow you to introduce your topic with effective details and contextual information, such as the influence of African American music. You would also be able to examine the current diverse demographics in areas of the country where country music is popular. Finally, it would provide an opportunity to examine factors that impact this topic, such as biases, assumptions, beliefs, and values.

Topic 2: There is no need for feminism because it has not achieved anything, and both my mother and sister are successful women.

Good choice or poor choice? This topic would be a poor fit for this course for two reasons. First, it is based on an opinion that is not supportable by reliable evidence from a variety of sources. Second, it is too narrow because it only considers the experiences of two individuals instead of looking at a broader population. This means that you would not be able to address the project criteria that examine the demographics, experiences, and other characteristics of a population. A good topic would incorporate the voices of a population significant to the topic, such as women from different backgrounds and generations, as well as marginalized populations. Additionally, because the topic is so narrow, you would not be able to integrate evidence from a diverse pool of perspectives to support your claim. Finally, you would also be looking at your topic from a single, personal perspective. A good topic would use an intersectional perspective to examine how it affects individuals and society.