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Guide to basic historical research at the Shapiro Library

Online Library Catalog

Use the Online Library Catalog to find books, eBooks, and other print resources:

You can find books and eBooks by using the search box provided above to search the Online Library Catalog. For tips on searching the Online Library Catalog, see How do I use the Online Library Catalog to find books and ebooks?

Please keep in mind that the Online Library Catalog searches the library's print materials and many of the library's eBooks but not all of them. You can also search directly in our eBook collections. These are some of the recommended eBook databases for history research:

Browse for Print Books

Books are arranged on the shelves in the library by subject. We use the Library of Congress Classification System to assign call numbers to our materials so that materials on similar topics are next to each other on the shelves and patrons and staff can easily find what they need. You need to know a book's call number in order to get it off the shelf in the library.

If you'd like to browse our shelves, use these call number ranges to find books on the subject of history:

History Call Number Ranges
Call Number Range Subject
D1 - 2027 World History and History Of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.
DA - DR European History
DS Asia
DT Africa
DU Oceania
E United States / America
F US States / Canada / Latin America

Are you an online student who can't get to the library in person? Request a print book be mailed to you!