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IDS 401 - Globalization

Course guide developed specifically for IDS 401 to help support the research of this course, specifically in the final projects.

What is Globalization?

According to Hamblet (2018), globalization can be defined as "intercontinental integration of regional economies, cultures, and political and financial systems, driven by the transnational exchange and circulation of labor, ideas, technologies, products, services, languages, and popular culture" (para. 1). Expanding our understanding, experience and critical thinking skills in global issues is vital in our highly connected world. Understanding how global markets function and how culture, politics and economies work together or against each other in some cases helps to paint a picture of the world we live in today. View the seven minute video WE THE ECONOMY: Globalization This link opens in a new window below from 2014 which expands on what globalization is and why it is important. The longer Kanopy video Surviving Progress This link opens in a new window that is listed second presents a thought provoking documentary directed by Martin Scorsese, which can start to get you thinking about these related issues. 


image of the video we the economy


image of the video title





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