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IDS 401 - Global Society

Course guide developed specifically for IDS 401 to help support the research of this course, specifically in the final projects.


Thinking about your topic from a humanities perspective, you would think about how the topic relates to or has impacted human action or work. The video The Door This link opens in a new window below is a great example of a film that has been produced after the disaster. Using the Chernobyl disaster as an example again, consider the following questions that are reflective of humanities centric thought:

  • Has the disaster influenced any artists? What themes are they trying to portray and discuss? 
  • How would photography or film of the aftermath of Chernobyl affect individuals? Looking into the hope of progress for more access to environmental friendly nuclear power and how the disaster back fired would be one way to take this analysis.


image of the opening scene of the door, a man on a motorcycle carrying a green door in the snow

Suggested Databases

The list of databases below are some options that you can look through for topics related to Chernobyl and the humanities. Before searching, let's strategize on constructing a few example searches.

Keywords and search strings might include:

  • Chernobyl AND literature
  • Chernobyl AND (literature OR film OR art)
  • Themes AND art AND environmental disasters 
  • Themes AND art AND nuclear power