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IDS 401 - Global Society

Course guide developed specifically for IDS 401 to help support the research of this course, specifically in the final projects.


You’ll pick and research your own topic, but to think about how you’ll explore and research your topic through the science ens, consider the following example. The video below titled Science Behind Nuclear Power This link opens in a new window can give some insights into how the technology works. 

If you were researching Chernobyl and nuclear power, you would think about how this topic relates to or has impacted science and brainstorm related keywords. From a scientific standpoint, we could look at the following questions:

  • How does nuclear power work?
  • What was nuclear power created for originally? What is it used for now?
  • How is nuclear power considered a better choice for the environment?
  • What concerns do environmentalists have over nuclear power?

image of the Science Behind Nuclear Power video


Suggested Databases

The list below are some examples of the library's databases that you can use to search for primary and secondary sources. Thinking about your search strategies, we might start to brainstorm by thinking of keywords. 

  • Chernobyl AND design
  • nuclear power AND technology AND design
  • Chernobyl AND reactor AND fail OR failure