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IDS 404 - Popular Culture

Course guide developed specifically for IDS 404 to help support the research and learning processes.

Topic Examples

There are some types of topics that may not be appropriate for the work in this course. Review the following examples of topics to better understand the topic selection process.

Topic 1: The Batman (2022) as a superhero film

Good choice or poor choice? Exploring the 2022 film The Batman would allow you to apply the lens of your choice to both the film, as an example of popular culture, and the genre of superhero films. You would be able to use specific details and examples within and around the film itself (plot points, special effects, scene composition, ideas presented, etc.) to connect it to the area of popular culture.

Topic 2: Batman as a superhero

Good choice or poor choice? This topic is too general, because "superhero" is an idea that is embedded across a lot of areas of popular culture, and "Batman" cannot be traced back to one specific area of popular culture. It includes (but is not limited to) films, comics, novels, TV shows, video games, theatre, and audio production. Each area has different renderings and ways that "Batman" is represented. There is no one consistent concept of "Batman" that exists across popular culture. This makes it hard to make clean connections and arguments that provide insightful and concise analysis around one area of popular culture, as you are being asked to do here.