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MBA 705 - Capstone

This guide is intended to help you identify and locate scholarly and non-scholarly resources (books, articles, open web resources, etc.) for MBA 705. On this guide you'll also find info. on library services, research tips, career info., etc

Milestone One: Justification of Idea or Concept

As you approach Milestone One, you will submit the justification for your idea or concept. You will connect entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship with organization change and survival. This milestone lays the foundation for the rest of the project by outlining the justification of an idea or concept. Ultimately, the justification in this milestone will provide much of the reasoning that decision makers will use to determine if they will fund your idea or concept.

Although you have conducted research throughout your MBA journey, you will want to explore more current research associated with the market, competition, and industry. Business environments are constantly changing, and research completed several terms ago may have changed. Therefore, exploring up to date research associated with the critical elements of Milestone 1 is a critical success factor to position your intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial idea or concept.

Milestone One aligns with the research you completed in MBA-515 and MBA-560.  You may want to refer back to your previous research and identify opportunities for more up-to-date research to support your rationale, problem or opportunity, market analysis, competitive analysis, and how the product/concept/service is innovative.  Explore up-to-date market, industry, and organizational information using robust databases, scholarly journals, and external websites:

Finding Market, Industry, and Company Information

The Shapiro Library subscribes to numerous databases filled with scholarly and industry research, statistics, journals, articles, and eBooks from respected publications. The following is a list of some of the best databases for doing research and finding insightful data regarding business environments, industries, organizations, trends, innovations, and entrepreneurship:

Finding Articles for Milestone One

Search for books, articles, and more using the Multi-Search:

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Recommended Databases

In addition to the key journals on the left, you can explore further by researching the following databases filled with articles, eBooks, statistics, and much more from thousands of reputable sources. The following is a list of some of the best databases for doing research on the subject of business environments, innovation, and entrepreneurship: