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So... where do you want to live?

Pictures of different types of houses such as igloo, tent, skyscraper, etc.

Check out these resources to learn about places to live in the United States

Salary & Cost of Living

When evaluating a future place to live, being able to calculate the cost of living there, and how far your paycheck will take you is essential. Below are some tools to help you do that. The specific resources highlighted here are available for free. There are other tools that can help you generate items like a personal salary report to negotiate your compensation, however, they may have a fee associated with them. 

Learn More about Places to Live with a Google Search

It's true that you can find some high-quality, trustworthy websites to use in your career research and to find out more about potential places to live. If you're going to use websites, make sure to evaluate your sources thoroughly, including using the questions at the bottom of this box. Check out our Google Like a Librarian guide for search tips or ask a librarian ( if you need more help.

Search Terms

Your Google results will be better if you use focused search terms/phrases to learn more about places to live and work. Below are suggestions for potential search terms/phrases you might try:

Use the name of a location AND:

  • affordability
  • "cost of living"
  • crime rate
  • safety rating
  • recreation
  • night life
  • population
  • diversity
  • green space
  • rental prices OR home prices
  • school ratings
  • taxes
  • climate
  • "public transportation"
  • "health care"
  • airport proximity
  • food options
Google Web Search

Evaluate any source you find using Google

For career resources specifically, be sure to:

  • Find out WHO is sponsoring the website you are looking at, and HOW they make money via that site?
  • Is there a FEE for the information or service provided on the site?
  • WHERE is their data coming from? Is it a government source or a private source? Could it be skewed in any way? Is it current?