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Researching a Company

Do you have a particular company in mind that you'd like to work for? Are you researching open jobs and interested in finding out more information on a particular company or industry? Are you looking to create a target list of companies with potential job opportunities? The web and library resources listed below are designed to help you find information about companies and industries.

Company Websites

When you look for information about a company, begin by searching for their "Investor Relations" site, or "About" page, rather than their commerce website where they market and sell their products or services. Here is an example of the difference between those two types of websites using Target, Inc.:

Target shopping website - Where consumers search for items to purchase

Home page for Target, Inc. for consumer shopping

Target Investor Relations website - Where company information resides

This page includes an "About" section, Careers @ Target, currents news on the company, their corporate social responsibility practices, investor information, and recent press releases.

Screenshot of Target, Inc Investor Relations page.

FAQ about Investor Relations websites:

Websites for Researching a Company (Domestic & International)

Salaries, Reviews, Corporate Culture, Company facts, and more!

These websites provide resources for learning about a company. Remember to take all reviews with a grain of salt and look for overall trends in reviews (e.g. no room for advancement, low comparative pay, etc.) versus focusing on individual complaints. Like Yelp, many people are more inspired to write a review after a bad experience, than a good one!

Databases for Researching a Company

The following library databases will help you find information on specific companies and industries. Many of these databases will allow you to create lists of companies based on specific criteria like industry, size, location, etc.

Researching an International Company

Are you interested in working internationally? Do you have a particular international company or industry in mind that you'd like to work for? The web and library resources listed below are designed to help you find information about international companies and industries.

In particular, the Shapiro Library's A to Z World Business This link opens in a new window database provides a wealth of information concerning other countries and differences in business practices. In this database you will find information about Business Culture (Decision Making, Meeting Protocols, Negotiating, Entertaining, Attire, Businesswomen, Business Hours), Gift Giving, Greetings and Courtesies, Stereotypes, Time Orientation, Women in Business and Culture, and much more!