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Writing a Resumé

Your resumé is one of the first documents your potential employers see about you, so it's important that you make it professional, informative, and appropriate to the job you're applying for. As with all things career, start with SNHU Career (online students) or SNHU Career & Professional Development Center. The SNHU Resume Guide is linked below:

SNHU Resume Guide This link opens in a new window

There are multiple types of resumés you can write, depending on whether you want to highlight your work history, your skills set, a combination of work history and skills, etc. Many times you will want to write a resumé that is targeted, meaning it is written to address the specific skills and qualifications discussed in the job posting. For more information on the different types of resumés, check out Resumé Types: Chronological, Functional, Combined, Targeted This link opens in a new window.

In most cases, your resumé will include the following information:

Your resumé may also include:

The order, content, and format of resumes is changing with changes in technology, the use of digital Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and the capacity to personalize resumes for each position to which one might apply. Check out this infographic for specific pointers on creating a "winning" resume:

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and How to I Write One?

"According to the dictionary, a resumé is 'a summary, as of one’s employment, education, etc., used in applying for a new position.' Conversely, a curriculum vitae (C.V.) is noted as 'a regular or particular course of study of or pertaining to education and life.'

In other words, a RESUMÉ is a career and educational summary meant to highlight your skills and experience and a C.V. is a list mean to document every job and degree you’ve ever received in your life."

(Source: "Resumés and CVs: What's the Difference?" by the UC Berkeley Alumni Association)

Need to write a CV? Check out these resources for help:

Sample Resumés

Resumé Guidance

SkillsFirst (previously called Optimal Resume) is a free resource for SNHU students that offers complete set of career preparation tools to help you navigate the hiring funnel and land a job.  With this platform you can: 

  • Create modern, keyword-optimized resumes and cover letters tailored for specific job descriptions.
  • Receive real-time feedback on resumes through ChatGPT AI Resume Scan technology.
  • Receive dynamic content support with highly relevant section examples through ChatGPT and O*NET databases.
  • Develop an effective and engaging elevator pitch.
  • Gain confidence and improve your interview skills with a video curriculum and complete interview practice tools.
  • Showcase your accomplishments with an attractive career portfolio. 

Learners can contact SNHU Career Services if they would like to discuss career preparation further or have any questions about this resource. If they would like to have your resume reviewed, please download it as a Word Doc and email for assistance from a Career Advisor.

Creating an ePortolio or Website

Some programs require the creation of an ePortfolio specifically, while other employers in other careers are looking to see websites created by prospective employees.


SNHU uses both a software called Chalk and Wire for students to build their ePortfolios as well as the learning environment - Bright Space (for specific courses). For more information about these resources, check out the information at the links below!

Individual Professional Websites

Employers today frequently prefer prospective employees create their own website and create a portfolio on that to share. For creative fields like graphic design, communications (public relations), marketing, and even jobs in publishing or entertainment, creating a social media brand and developing content can be a great experience and will often be asked for when applying to certain jobs. These pages can include some personality but should be focused on the work you do and what you create versus personal aspects of your life. Many times people will have a public-facing art page, and a private personal page so they can maintain a work-life balance. Below are some free sites for creating your own website.

Books about Writing a Resumé

The following books are a sample of our library books and eBooks about writing a resumé. For more books and eBooks please search the Online Library Catalog or ask a librarian for help.

Are you an online student who can't get to the library in person? Request a print book be mailed to you!