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Career Resources

Cartoon of girls talking to career counselor saying which career they're interested in while girl in background is looking at list of careers and says, "Horse Trainer! I would love to do that!"

Searching for Information About a Career

Once you have an idea about what kind of career you would like, it's helpful to do some research on that career so you know what to expect and how to prepare. Check out these resources for assistance in researching your future career!

Online resources for career information & college majors

The following websites provide comprehensive information about specific careers from the skills and training required, to the work environments, projected openings, and details such as salary ranges.

Databases for career information

These library databases provide comprehensive information about different careers including overviews, exercises and tutorials, career advice blogs, and all kinds of employment resources.

Researching Required Credentials for Careers

Some occupations require additional certificates/credentials/licenses beyond a college degree. You want to find out as much as you can early on, about specialized requirements for careers you are interested in. These are often geographically specific to particular states. Some professions require exams or further documented learning beyond a degree. These resources will help you learn about these requirements so you can prepare to be hireable as soon as possible after graduation.

PrepStep - Library database

  • Career Preparation - This page in PrepStep provides detailed information about:

    • Specific careers such as: Allied Health, Caseworker, Culinary Arts, Federal Careers, Green Careers, Law Enforcement, Legal, Nursing, Teaching, Changing Careers, Career Information for Veterans

    • Preparing for career-related exams in such fields as: Air Traffic Controller, Allied Health & Social Worker, Civil Service, CDL tests, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Electrician & Plumbing, EMS, Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Military, Nursing, Real Estate, Teaching, WorkKeys Assessment, and TOEIC.

    • Workplace Skills such as: Professionalism, Time Management, Workplace Communication, Networking/Job Search/Interviewing, Becoming a US Citizen, and Becoming a Canadian Citizen.

Professional Associations

SNHU Faculty

Be sure to speak with your faculty advisor, or professors in your major courses about career requirements in their fields. Most will be able to provide practical, current information on career requirements.

Books on Researching a Career 

The following books are a sample of our library books and eBooks on researching a career. For more books and eBooks please search the Online Library Catalog or ask a librarian for help.

Are you an online student who can't get to the library in person? Request a print book be mailed to you!