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EG 110 - Engineering Design 1

Use this Library Research Guide to help find resources on the resources on water resources, water supply management, valve design, rainfall monitoring, and 3-D printing- scholarly articles, books, websites, etc. Also info on careers, group work, and libra

Sample readings and search tips

It might be helpful to have a holistic view of  the water challenges people face in rural locations to help you better understand the problems and to think of potential solutions. The resources listed below can give you a sense of how water scarcity impacts a population and some of the proposed solutions from the micro to the macro level.

You have the opportunity to conduct your own library research on this topic as well. As you search try to think about various words that will help you explore a topic. Some sample key words you might try are:

  • Water conservation
  • Water supply
  • Water scarcity
  • Kenya OR Africa OR rural
  • Water use
  • Drinking water

Helpful background information

You may want to consult a reference source to find general information about the climate, geography, social conditions, and other aspects. Try searching for the country in one of the resources below such as Credo.

Below are some sample e-books and research articles:

Recommended databases for further research