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EG 110 - Engineering Design 1

This guide is will help you identify and locate the resources (books, articles, etc.) that you will need for EG 110.

Sample readings and search tips

You may also be faced with the cyclical nature of water scarcity with a population that relies on the whims of weather patterns to provide drinking water. Being able to predict wet and dry seasons can provide the occupants an understanding of when rationing may need to occur, e.g., it's the dry season, water levels are low, and the predicted rainy season isn't for another two months.

As you search try to think about various words that you might use to explore a topic. Some sample key words you might try are:

  • Rainfall OR rain
  • Measurement
  • Dry season
  • Rainy season
  • Kenya
  • Drinking water
  • Water conservation

Below are some sample e-books research articles: