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TruthQuester! Badge

This information literacy badge may be earned and awarded to students at Southern New Hampshire University. Others are free to participate, however may not earn a SNHU-authored badge.


How does information spread? Your friend just texted about a shooting going on at their campus. Now what? How do you find out more?

Text conversation: Found out there's a shooter on campus! Are you OK? Yeah, Campus Safety is on it.

With cell phones in our pockets, the exchange of information is constant. Think about this topic and how you may have made judgments based on a text before seeking out more details. 

Social Media

Memes are flying all over Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat. Check these out:

         Meme: Oh, you need a magazine that holds 30 rounds? Is that in case the deer starts shooting back?            Meme. Text: Switzerland. 1 in 2 citizens has guns, lowest crime rate in world.

Thinking Point: What is the motivation behind creating a meme? 


Find a meme about gun violence and copy & paste it into your infographic poster. Remember to credit the meme's creator by pasting the link in a small font beneath the image.