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This information literacy badge may be earned and awarded to students at Southern New Hampshire University. Others are free to participate, however may not earn a SNHU-authored badge.

Who do you ask?

You call your family to talk to them about what happened. You've always trusted their judgment in the past. 

2 conversation bubbles: "Canada has gun control, and they've only had two mass shootings in 20 years!" "First they take our AR15s, then they come for our hunting rifles!"

Narratives Matters: Everyone Has a Story to Tell

There are a lot of different opinions on this topic and each one has a unique perspective and a story to tell. Below are a series of narratives surrounding gun violence in America. Watch each video clip and answer the question at the end. For your poster, choose a person or group whose unique perspective may not be represented in the videos below (see directions at bottom).


These controversial issues are complex and not easily resolved. This means there are many points of view when considering possible solutions. Here are some examples of perspectives surrounding gun violence. Think of one more voice that might be missing from the narrative. 

  • Police/Law Enforcement Officer
  • Family member of a victim
  • Incarcerated mass shooter
  • Representative from another country that has stricter or less strict gun control than the U.S.
  • Other? 


  • Choose one unique perspective, and either find a video or image of someone who would fill that voice
  • Screenshot the image or a still from your video and paste it into the appropriate box on your poster template
  • If you find a video, paste the link to it beneath the image
  • Beneath the image/video, write a caption that explains WHY that "missing voice" should be heard

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