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TruthQuester! Badge

This information literacy badge may be earned and awarded to students at Southern New Hampshire University. Others are free to participate, however may not earn a SNHU-authored badge.

The End...but the research goes on!

Image of a canoe facing a mountainscape

You've reached the end of this quest! Hopefully now you better understand the value of each resource and how to discern between articles that may be biased and others that can be more informative.  It's important to keep your own bias in mind too, especially when searching highly charged issues. The information landscape can be tricky to navigate, and there is always more to learn. Carry this information with you as you progress through your program here at SNHU, and remember, a librarian is only a click away!

Customize your poster with colors, fonts, images, etc. and then take a screenshot to submit it as part of the quiz below. You need to pass the quiz scoring 80% or better. You may take it as many times as you wish.  You submit your poster as the last step in the quiz. Once you've done those two steps, you will receive notification about your badge within 30 days. 

Thank you and happy researching!

To begin the quiz please select the link below.