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TruthQuester! Badge

This information literacy badge may be earned and awarded to students at Southern New Hampshire University. Others are free to participate, however may not earn a SNHU-authored badge.

Putting it Together

  1. Create a visual image or a meme that shows your main takeaway from this TruthQuester! badging adventure. The image may include screenshots, photos, tables, text, etc. from any information source, a library database, or a photo you take/find and edit. Include a personal caption. 
    • You may use a PowerPoint slide to create your image, then save as a jpeg to insert in your poster
    • You may use a collage maker app to create your image, save as a jpeg and insert in your poster
    • Or you may use any software or tech tool you are comfortable with to create your image
  2. Include the image you create in the box at the bottom of your poster template. Be sure to add a caption!
  3. You will upload your infographic poster as part of the quiz on the next page. PLEASE UPLOAD A POWERPOINT SLIDE or SCREENSHOT of your poster. We are unable to open Mac files, so please convert to PC-compatible format before uploading.

Sample "TruthQuest" learning highlight images are included below.

Example 1

A picture of a magazine stand. The text reads: Most issues are complex. find multiple perspectives

Example 2

Poster on left of faces that says: Too much info clouding over my head. Statista info graphic with two red circles showing text: US gun deaths outnumber total war dead. Star on right that says:Visuals help make information understandable.

Shana Sample Creative

Example 3

Bar graph with text saying: Leading video viewing genres among Millennials in the United States as of April 2018 by device. Text on the right reads: Databases have so much information! My favorite: Statista Databases have so much information