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EDU 630 - Strategies for Online Instruction

Research guide developed specifically to support the EDU-630 learning objectives & projects.

Course Project Guidelines

Integrated Virtual Learning Strategy

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:

  • Create scaffolds for synchronous and asynchronous learning activities to ensure student engagement and success
  • Analyze differentiation techniques for how they support diverse groups of students
  • Provide effective individualized feedback in synchronous and asynchronous settings

Supporting student learning in virtual learning environments poses challenges for even the most accomplished educators. In this course, you will examine evidentiary best practices that address how to help students thrive in educational settings that may be fully online or blended. Your work in this course culminates in a course project that is designed to align your experience or interests with emerging disciplinary knowledge about teaching and learning in virtual environments.

The following sub-pages contain concepts and theories that will be pivotal for learning best practices and evidence for how to put together a sound integrated virtual learning strategy. Each sub-page contains different concepts/theories that will help you to identify areas for inclusion in your strategy and how they support thinking of the best strategies for online instruction. You may notice that many of these concepts and theories may not expressly mention online learning, as the modality has not been researched and written on as much, but you can make connections between more traditional modalities and how you might use these in an online environment. Browse the sub-pages for example resources for further reading and ideas on how to expand your knowledge and research these concepts and your ideas further.