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Chicago Style: Basics

This guide is intended to help you learn what Chicago Style is and includes. This guide will help you cite sources and avoid plagiarism. The guide also includes examples of Chicago style and lead you to resources that can help you cite sources.

Author-Date: General Formatting Rules

  • The author-date system consists of parenthetical in-text citations and a reference list that is labeled "References" or "Works Cited."
  • The in-text citations consist of the author(s) name(s), year of publication, and can include page number(s) (e.g. Smith 2017, 99-102).
  • Bibliographies are listed alphabetically by authors last name.
  • The second and subsequent lines of bibliographic entries are indented. 
  • The reference list entry is similar in format to to the bibliography in the Notes and Bibliography Style.  The main difference is that the year of of publication is the second element in the citation.