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NUR 440 - Research and Evidence Based Practice

This Library Research Guide is to assist NUR 440 students in using nursing databases, learning about EBP and to assist with the course project. Evidence-based practices, research, scholarly articles, APA citation, levels of evidence, PICO, PICOT


According to Suresh (2014) there are many uses for statistics in health science including but not limited to: normal and not normal determinations in context of health and illness, accuracy of diagnostics, planning of experiments and analysis of results, observations on history related to a disease, assessment of treatment protocol and care/treatment interventions and compilation of population health statistics (p.383). Below are resources that can help you learn about the use and method of data collection for statistics within nursing.

Source: Suresh, S. (2014). Nursing research and statistics. Retrieved from

SPSS 24 Basics Video Tutorials via Atomic Learning