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Getting Started with Research at Shapiro Library

This guide discusses understanding information sources, formulating a topic and search phrase, where and how to search the library for information, how to evaluate sources, how to cite sources, and more.

Brainstorming and Mind Mapping


Brainstorming is a way to come up with topics or ideas. It allows a person to casually consider multiple topics, ideas, theories, etc. without judgment and to take some ideas further into actual projects or as tools to consider more topics, ideas, theories, etc. MindTools' Brainstorming This link opens in a new window page has tools and more information about brainstorming.

Mind Mapping

A mind map is a visual representation of your issue or topic. It is a tool that is used to visualize ideas and opportunities for broadening or narrowing down search topics. MindTools' Mind Mapping This link opens in a new window page has tools and more information on mind mapping.

There are a number of free brainstorming and mind mapping tools available online like This link opens in a new window and Popplet This link opens in a new window.

Alternatively, try the mind map available via Credo This link opens in a new window.

You can access Credo This link opens in a new windowby following these steps:

  1. Select A-Z Database List on the library homepage under "Quick Links"
  2. Choose "C" from the alphabet
  3. Find "Credo" on the list of databases available there.

Once you are on the search page, all you have to do is type in your search terms and the MindMap will appear on the right upper corner of your results page: