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Educational Leadership - Ed.D. and Ph.D.

Research guide for students pursuing an Ed.D. or Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

Identifying Methodologies

SAGE Research Methods Database

The SAGE Research Methods database (Link below) provides definitions, tutorials, videos, cases, etc. about all the different types of research methodologies.

SAGE Research Methods Research Tools

 Click on the Research Tools tab at the top of the screen to see the following tools to help you learn about the different methods and select the tools you need to conduct your research study.

SAGE Research Methods "Research Tools" drop-down menu with Methods Map, Project Planner and Which Stats Test? circled in red.

The Methods Map is a tool designed to help you understand how method concepts relate to one another using a visualization to understand the world of research methods more easily. The map has an entry for every method concept in SRM. It shows the definition of that term, and provides a link to the content on that subject. To the left of the term are any broader concepts related to the term, and to the right are any narrower concepts related to the term. There are also sometimes related terms below the selected entry. Clicking on a particular concept makes that concept central on the page, and shows broader, narrower and related terms for that particular concept. 

Project Planner  provides step-by-step guidance to students and researchers in designing and completing a research project. This tool is divided into chronological sections, allowing the user to start from the beginning of the research process or to navigate to specific stages. Just beginning your research project? Try Why Do Research? or Developing a Researchable Question. Problems collecting data? Navigate to Data Collection. Each section begins with a brief synopsis describing what will be covered in that stage, and ends with an interactive checklist to ensure all necessary steps have been taken. Throughout the planner, links to useful content such as video, the Methods Map, books, and journal articles are included.

Knowing which statistical test to use to answer your question is tricky. Use this simple tool to help narrow down the options!

Video: Using the SRM Methods Map