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COM 310 (Campus) - Social Media

This guide is a companion to Professor Boroshok's COM 310 course to guide students through the social media marketing plan project for their selected nonprofit organization.

Social Media Platform Tutorials

Consider using the tutorials created by the actual social media platform instead of random YouTube videos because the platform's own tutorials will be kept up-to-date with changes in their interface and services. For those that don't have tutorials find easy-to-understand instructions directed specifically at nonprofits or small start-ups like your client. Below are some examples: 

Additional Resources

Reports & Articles

Below are some reports and guides that may be helpful in designing a social media plan for your designated client.

Google Scholar

To find scholarly sources to back up your recommendations in your Social Media Plan for your client, consider using Google Scholar.

Before you search, first connect Google Scholar to the library databases using the directions provided in this FAQ:

Once you have connected Google Scholar to the Shapiro Library databases, you may search using keywords and natural language search phrases like you do in a regular Google search with all the results being from scholarly journals or books. Here are some tips:

  • Once you conduct a search and see a results list, click "Since 2018" to limit to sources published in the past 4 years, since social media is constantly changing
  • When you find a good result, Click on "Cited by #" beneath the citation to see all articles published since that one came out that cite it, so even more recent works
  • Click on the quotation marks icon to see the source cited in a variety of formats

SAMPLE SEARCH: social media marketing strategies