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COM 310 (Campus) - Social Media

This guide is a companion to Professor Boroshok's COM 310 course to guide students through the social media marketing plan project for their selected nonprofit organization.


For this piece of your Social Media Plan for your client, you will need to research occupations like Social Media Manager, or nonprofits, or time and money spent on social media marketing in the Multi-Search or other article databases and resources listed below.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Try searching for marketing manager or similar titles. See Public Relations Specialists or  Advertising, Promotions & Marketing Managers.

O*NET Online

Try similar searches as for Occupational Outlook Handbook. See Public Relations Specialists,  Advertising & Promotion Managers or Market Research Analysts & Marketing Specialists. This site goes into tremendous detail on job skills, work activities, work context, etc.

Web Articles

Library Multi-Search

Start by using the Multi-Search box on the library home page. This searches about half of the subscribed library resources. Try different search phrases for the different pieces of this Social Media Plan project. Search phrases like these might yield helpful results:

Example article: The difference a smile makes: Effective use of imagery by children's nonprofit organizations

Example article: Online users' perception and response to non-profit organizations' social media marketing

Example article: How companies evaluate the ROI of social media marketing programmes: Insights from B2B and B2C

Example article: A comparative study of application effectiveness between digital and social media marketing for sustainability of start-ups

Be sure to try various combinations of relevant search terms such as "social media" (use quotes to have the search engine look for that phrase); budget, marketing, platforms, nonprofits, fundraising, etc.

Subject databases

All of these databases and more are available by clicking on the A-Z Database List in the Quick Links box on the Shapiro Library Home Page. Click on the "All Subjects" box above the alphabet and select the subject you need such as Business, Communications, Statistics, etc. to narrow down to databases that contain that content. Here are some possibilities for individual databases you might search in for articles (other than the specific databases used in other sections of this guide):