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MKT 432 - Strategic Marketing Planning - 10 Point Company Analysis

This research guide organizes the Library electronic resources available for use in composing the 10 point company analysis assignment.

Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Most companies promote their Mission, Vision, and Values statements prominently on their web sites.

For example: The Walt Disney Company

Try a Google search for [Company Name] AND mission

You can substitute "vision" or "values" for mission if that information is not provided on the same page as the mission.

Preference should be given to results that are drawn from official company websites. 

Some companies use mission statement-like language, even if it is not labeled as a mission statement. Try finding the company's corporate or investors webpage. Again, search [Company Name] AND corporate, or [Company Name] AND investors. This information is often present in an "About" page

You can also try contacting the company's Public Relations or Marketing Departments as a fallback plan.