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MKT 432 - Strategic Marketing Planning - 10 Point Company Analysis

This research guide organizes the Library electronic resources available for use in composing the 10 point company analysis assignment.

Product and Pricing

Company and Retail Websites

The most straightforward approach to identifying a company's product range and pricing is to review their own website if they sell direct to consumers or the websites of major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, or Best Buy.

Company Search

Are there discussions of product mix and pricing strategy in places like the 10-K report Item 1: Business or Item 7: Management Discussion and Analysis of  Financial Condition and Results of Operations, or in the quarterly earnings call transcripts? The Long Business Description in S&P Capital IQ gives a summary of "Products and Brands."


Literature Search

Search business and news websites for information on your company's pricing strategy and products offered.