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RN-BSN Library Guide

Use this Library Research Guide to help locate evidence-based resources including articles, information on research appraisal, statistics, evidence translation, clinical practice tools, informatics and professional resources.

Health Data Resources


According to Suresh (2014) there are many uses for statistics in health science including but not limited to: normal and not normal determinations in context of health and illness, accuracy of diagnostics, planning of experiments and analysis of results, observations on history related to a disease, assessment of treatment protocol and care/treatment interventions and compilation of population health statistics (p.383). Below are resources that can help you learn about the use and method of data collection for statistics within nursing.

Source: Suresh, S. (2014). Nursing research and statistics. Retrieved from

Explaining Results

Number Needed to Treat

Absolute Risk Reduction, Relative Risk Reduction, Relative Risk

Odds Ratios


Forest Plots

Confidence Intervals

Sensitivity, Specificity and Likelihood ratios


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