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RN-BSN Library Guide

Use this Library Research Guide to help locate evidence-based resources including articles, information on research appraisal, statistics, evidence translation, clinical practice tools, informatics and professional resources.

Getting Started with Research

The Shapiro Library’s collections provide knowledge-based resources essential to the academic endeavors of the SNHU community. Here are three main ways that you can get started using our databases, resources and tools. 

  1. Start your research in the Multi-Search database search box on the homepage of the library

    • Watch the Video Tutorial on a Multi-Search Overview This link opens in a new window

    • The Multi-Search searches across library resources including the physical and electronic collections of books/ ebooks, articles, databases, videos, and reference resources

    • Type a keyword or two into the the Multi-Search search box and search the many  books, e-books,  journals, magazines, newspapers and, reports in our collection. You may limit your search by content type, subject or publication date.

    • HINT: When searching in the Multi-Search, look for the recommended databases at the top of the search results page.

  2. Continue your research in the A-Z Database List using subject specific databases

    • Watch the Find Databases video tutorial This link opens in a new window

    • You can sort the databases per subject to get to the most relevant database for your research topic.

    • HINT: Some of our databases are not searchable through the Multi-Search or only a portion is discoverable. Go directly into the databases for the most in-depth searches in subject areas.

  3. Find a specific journal, magazine or newspaper by using our Periodical Finder This link opens in a new window

    • You can search by title or browse alphabetically.

    • This options searches both print and electronic journals held by Shapiro Library.

The Multi-Search

Search for books, articles, and more:

About this Search  |  Search Tips

Online Library Catalog


You can find books and ebooks by using the search box provided above to search the Online Library Catalog. The catalog is a list of all the print resources the library has (including print books, print journals, video games, audio books, and more) and also includes a record for most of our ebooks.

How to use the Online Library Catalog  |  Search Tips

eBook Databases



The databases listed on this drop down include ebooks (some also include other types of sources like articles).

Accessing eBooks

Browse for Print Books

Books are arranged on the shelves in the library by subject. We use the Library of Congress Classification System to assign call numbers to our materials so that materials on similar topics are next to each other on the shelves and patrons and staff can easily find what they need. You need to know a book's call number in order to get it off the shelf in the library.

If you'd like to browse our shelves, use these call number ranges to find books on the subject of nursing:

Nursing Call Number Ranges
Call Number Range Subject
QM 1 - 695 Human Anatomy
QP 1 - 981 Physiology
RC 31 - 1245 Internal Medicine
RT 1 - 120 Nursing

Are you an online student who can't get to the library in person? Request a print book be mailed to you!